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Girls for your Sake never Wed an Old Man

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Performer: Lane, Ernie
Place Collected: Dumbleton
Date collected: 1996 (2 March)
Collector: Davies, Gwilym
Roud Number: 210

The theme of young marrying old is a recurrent one in folksong.  Most people these days will know it from a rollicking version sung by the Dubliners, but the song was already doing the rounds in oral tradition.  Mr Lane’s version was a regular for the after cricket celebrations at Dumbleton cricket club (which used to make its own cider) and is performed to a simple tune whereas Mr Brazil’s tune is more subtle.

The song can be traced back to the late 18th century as “Scant of Love, Want of Love”, (a Scottish version) and it has been collected regularly in England.

Notes by Gwilym Davies 28 March 2015