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Podcast No 3 - The Fiddle Players

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Alternative title: GlosTrad Folk Radio No.3 - The Fiddler Players

First Line:Welcome to Podcast No.3

Our guest in this edition is the well-known fiddle player Paul Burgess.  He tells us how Cecil Sharp heard a workman whistling a tune in Hampstead, that led him to collect morris tunes from fiddle players in Gloucestershire.  In particular we hear about John Mason, William Hathaway and Stephen Baldwin.  In addition to field recordings, Paul himself plays some of their tunes to illustrate the story.

Along the way we are entertained by the Bristol Ceilidh Quartet with their arrangement of two Hathaway tunes, and Martin Vogwell.

Producer: Stephen Rowley

Glostrad Folk Radio Podcast No.3 – The Fiddle Players

This edition of GlosTrad Folk Radio is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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Podcast No 3 - The Fiddle Players photo
Stephen Baldwin

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