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Tunes from Lemmie Brazil

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Performer: Brazil, Lemmie
Place Collected: Sandhurst

Gipsy melodeon player, Lementina “Lemmie” Brazil, was born near Southampton and spent 26 years of her youth in Ireland, before her family returned to England to settle in Gloucester. She described some of her tunes as “Irish” and used to play for step-dance competitions. Peter Shepheard recorded her in the 1960’s and early 70’s and Gwilym Davies recorded her twice, in October 1977 and April 1981, when she was living on a caravan site near Gloucester. She played a one-row melodeon in C. We have transcribed her music in D or G.

The youngest of her siblings, Danny Brazil, like many of the family, was able to play a few vigorous dance tunes on the mouth organ. Denny Smith was an uncle of the well-known singer Wiggy Smith. (See MustradCD, MTCD307, Wiggy Smith, Band of Gold). Peter Shepheard recorded him playing the Manchester Hornpipe . He played it twice, once alone and then for Danny Brazil to step to. The second time, he played in a more dotted rhythm than the first. On the same occasion he played the Cliff Hornpipe, but unfortunately the first 2 1⁄2 bars were not recorded. A triple CD of the family’s music and songs can be obtained from Musical Traditions, MT CD 339-40,

Index of Tunes

Title pdf page ABC no. Musician
Campbells are Coming, The 1 2 Lemmie Brazil
Chase me Charlie 1 3 Lemmie Brazil
Cliff Hornpipe 13 30 Denny Smith
Cock of the North 2 4 Danny Brazil
Cock of the North 1 3 Lemmie Brazil
Easy and Free 5 11 Lemmie Brazil
God Killed the Devil Oh! 8 20 Lemmie Brazil
Good Luck to the Irishman 3 6 Lemmie Brazil
Harvest Home 9 21 Lemmie Brazil
Hornpipe 1 6 13 Lemmie Brazil
Hornpipe 2 6 14 Lemmie Brazil
Hornpipe 3 7 15 Lemmie Brazil
Hornpipe 4 7 16 Lemmie Brazil
Hornpipe 5 8 18 Lemmie Brazil
Hornpipe 6 8 19 Lemmie Brazil
Hornpipe 7 9 22 Lemmie Brazil
Hornpipe 8 13 30 Denny Smith
I Wish my Baby was Born 4 10 Lemmie Brazil
I’m Walking behind You 4 8 Lemmie Brazil
Irish Clouds Reel 10 23 Lemmie Brazil
Irish Hornpipe 6 13 Lemmie Brazil
Irish Hornpipe 6 14 Lemmie Brazil
Irish Jig 1 1 Lemmie Brazil
Irish Jig 2 1 2 Lemmie Brazil
Keel Row 7 16 Lemmie Brazil
Little Hot Jig 10 24 Lemmie Brazil
Manchester Hornpipe 12 28 Danny Brazil
Manchester Hornpipe 12 29 Denny Smith
Manchester Hornpipe 7 15 Lemmie Brazil
Merry Widow’s Waltz, The 4 9 Lemmie Brazil
Miss McLeod’s Reel 10 23 Lemmie Brazil
Oh Susanna! Lemmie Brazil
Rambling Irishman, The 3 7 Lemmie Brazil
Roaming Irishman, The 3 7 Lemmie Brazil
Singer was Irish, The 5 12 Lemmie Brazil
Soldier’s Joy 9 22 Lemmie Brazil
Take me to my Kind Old Mother 11 27 Lemmie Brazil
Tap Dance 6 14 Lemmie Brazil
Tramp, Tramp, Tramp the Boys are Marching 11 26 Lemmie Brazil
Untitled Jig 2 5 Danny Brazil
Wearing of the Green, The 11 25 Lemmie Brazil