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Wrap me up in my Old Stable Jacket

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Place Collected: Lower Swell
Date collected: 1957
Collector: Kennedy, Peter
Roud Number: 3454

This is a song which has taken multifarious forms, especially in the 20th century.  Songs of dying last wishes abound, from The Young Sailor Cut down in his Prime to Tie me Kangaroo Down, Sport.  It has been an easy song to parody, especially by the armed forces and so it is often noted as The Dying Airman/Aviator.  In Australia it is often collected as The Dying Stockman.  The theme of desiring alcoholic drink in perpetuity is also found in songs such as Rosin the Bow and in French as Chevaliers de la Table Ronde and in Spain as Porompompom.  Mr Illes’ text appears to be an older version.


Notes by Gwilym Davies 7 June 2016