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Covent Garden Row (Tune no 9 from Snowshill Manor manuscript)

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Place Collected: Snowshill

In the linked abc file this is tune number X:1
Charles Paget Wade

From 1900 until 1951 Charles Wade  amassed an enormous and varied collection of craftsmanship, which he acquired mainly from antique shops and dealers in the UK. In 1951 he gave it with the Manor to the National Trust. With this history, it is difficult to assign an origin to the tunebook.
The Snowshill Manor Manuscript

I have photocopies of one tunebook, which were made by Graham and Amanda Collicutt. They also copied an index of the tunes, in which the book they copied is referred to as no 10. They only made copies of the pages with music, leaving out words of songs.
Items in the book are numbered in the order in which they occur. The hand is different and more recent than the original. I have included these numbers in the various files.

Notes by Charles Menteith