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Gloucestershire Traditions
“Sweets of May”
11a Greet Rd
Glos GL54 5JT

“Really Beautiful Company” – A unique look at heritage singers and our singing ancestors. What do we know of these singers and musicians? What songs have people sung in Gloucestershire to cheer themselves up on cold winter nights, at Harvest Homes and when they were out on the hills looking after Cotswold sheep? What amused people when they were relegated to the workhouse? What did the women sing? Carol Davies pulls together the major themes of life in Gloucestershire and the people who have lived there. The local singers in Gloucestershire – who were they? What did they do? How did they live? What can we learn about the social conditions at the time various songs were sung? There are even some songs to sing.
Carol is a retired linguist. She and her husband, Gwilym Davies, are passionate collectors of English traditional songs. She is a member of several music groups including the folk group Puzzlejug, leading the folk choir Shepherd’s Crook, and playing for the medieval and early Tudor music group, Waytes and Measures.  £12.99 plus £2 postage.

“A Bowl of the Best” – Traditional songs and wassails for community choirs and school choirs in new arrangements by popular choir leaders Matt Norman, Sheila Macbeth and Veronica Lowe.  £10 plus £2 postage.

“Let us be Merry” – a new edition of book of carols and wassails from Gloucestershire, compiled by Roy Palmer and Gwilym Davies.  £8 plus £2 postage.

let-us-be-merryCD of Gloucestershire carols and wassails , sung and played by Puzzlejug.  £10 plus £2 postage.

“Let us be Merry” package – buy the book and CD together for £18 including postage.

“The Coleford Jig” – ed Charles Menteith & Paul Burgess


A real treasure trove of tunes collected in Gloucestershire, or from local manuscript collections. As well as the dots for the tunes, there are extensive notes and explanations. The new, and probably definitive edition, includes further tunes from George Till, and takes account of revisions for the GlosTrad site. £10 plus £2 postage.

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