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The Jolly Waggoner

Jolly Waggoner Prep
Key stage 2 years 5/6

The original manuscript and notes –  Go to this link to download the “See the song/tune as collected (PDF file)”

Audio of song:

Resources needed:
audio equipment to play music,
whiteboard to project text and write text.
Paper and pencils/pens.
In advance need to find the audio file and words on the website
Length of lesson 45-60mins

Learning Intentions
• To Learn a traditional folk song
• Learn about pre-industrial jobs
• Write a story

What is a folk song?
• Not sung by professional musicians
• Passed down through families/communities/friends
• some songs are very old (often dating back to seventeenth century or earlier.
• Were often sung without any instruments.
• Edwardian era
• After the death of Queen victoria
• Before the first world war
• Lots of people working on the land
• The country was peaceful and wealthy
Cecil Sharp
• Collected over 1600 folk songs
• Also collected Morris dances

Jolly Waggoner Lesson
Ask children what they think a folk song is.
Tell them what a folk song is
Introduce the Jolly Waggoner
Listen to song without the words displayed
Ask children what they can remember
Play song again with words and get the children to sing along
What sort of jobs did people do before machines?
• Weaving
• Ploughing
• Spinning
• Harvesting
• Sewing

Get the children to write a story about what it would be like to live through
industrialisation. Maybe losing a job, maybe going from home industry to a mill,
maybe seeing the industrialisation of farming