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Gypsy's Warning, Tune from Thomas Hampton's Manuscript

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Source: Thomas Hampton's manuscript
Performer: Hampton, Thomas
Place Collected: Hereford
Date collected: c1870-1880
Roud Number: 1764

Thomas Hampton was born at Blaisdon in Gloucestershire (baptised March 1844), and probably worked on the canals for a while. By 1870 he was living in Hereford, being married there that year. He died in 1896, still resident at Bath St. Hereford. He left a manuscript containing tunes, which is now in the possession of his great-great granddaughter, Becky Dellow, who is researching both TH and the tunes. Although the manuscript was compiled in Hereford, Becky believes some of the tunes were remembered from TH’s childhood in Gloucestershire.

The Gypsy’s Warning is a song, with words:
“Trust him not, oh gentle lady, Though his voice is low and sweet.
Listen to the Gypsy’s warning, Gentle lady, trust him not.”
For two sets of the words see
It was composed in or before 1864, apparently by Henry A. Goard, or Coard; the Type on the cover of the sheet music is ambiguous.
Note by Charles Menteith, with information by Beck Dellow

In the linked abc file this is tune number X:31