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A Minuet (2)

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Source: The John & Mary Thurston Music Book - 1736
Place Collected: Kington Lane
Date collected: 1736

Thurston Manuscript
The manuscript is dedicated “To John Thurston Gent in Kington near Thornbury Gloucestershire 1736”. Below this, in a different hand, is the name “Mary Thurston”. A number of hands have contributed to the book. John & Mary were married in 1736.
Some pages, particularly in the early part of the book, have large parts missing. I have not attempted to transcribe the fragmentary tunes.
A facsimile of the book with an introduction was prepared by Christopher Challen and Thornbury and District Museum and published by Vox Humana Press. Our information is derived from this publication. Our thanks are due to Mr Challen and the Museum for allowing us to use the information.
Note by Charles Menteith