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Tunes from Charles Smith

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Performer: Smith, Charles
Place Collected: Mitcheldean
Date collected: 1928 (5 Apr)
Collector: Karpeles, Maud

Charles Smith was living at Mitcheldean when he sang these tunes to Maud Karpeles on 5th April 1928. She noted: “These dances used to be danced at North Cerney and Woodmanscote” [Woodmancote, 1.5 miles from North Cerney].

Four handed reel,
To Nutting we will go,
Bonnets of Blue.

The above dances were all performed as follows – (Duple Minor) Hand across. 8 bars each way. Lead down the middle and back. Swing and change.”

Maud Karpeles’ manuscripts are now in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library

Charles Smith had the following words to To Nutting We will Go:

To nutting we will go, my boys,
To nutting we will go.
With a long smock frock & a billy-cock hat
To nutting we will go.

Charles Smith’s Tunes, Index

Title abc X: no. page in pdf
Bonnets of Blue 1 1
Double Leap Through 6 2
Four Handed Reel 3 1
Haste to the Wedding 2 1
Step and Fetch Her 5 2
To Nutting We will Go 4 2