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Swedish Dance

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Alternative title: (Three Meet)

Source: C. Sharp ms no. 2240 in Vaughan Williams Memorial Library
Performer: Swallow, Thomas
Place Collected: Guiting Power
Date collected: 2 August 1909
Collector: Sharp, Cecil

Thomas Swallow was an agricultural labourer and fiddle player from Lower Guiting.

In 1909 Cecil Sharp noted of the Swedish: 
This is danced all over this district and with the following dance is always [ever?] nowadays. Miss [Mayward?] corroborates this.
A,B,C, etc each consist of a man with a woman on each arm. A & B face each other, C & D, E &  F, G & H ditto.
A1 Pairs advance and retire and then cross over, A passing to left of B & both turning round so as to face.
A2 Same in reverse giving original positions.
B1 6 hands round 4 bars left to right, 4 bars right to left
B2 Triplets cuddle up and swing to change places each facing same direction as before. This gives B A D C F E H G. those facing down move down one place, those facing up move up one place.

The tune is a version of the Carnival of Venice.