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Buttercup Joe

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Performer: Hannis, Gwen
Place Collected: Cranham
Date collected: 1987 (8 Oct)
Collector: Davies, Gwilym
Roud Number: 1635

Certainly one of the most encountered songs by present day collectors. Most of the versions derive from a 1928 recording by Albert Richardson, but a few older versions have been collected, from the early 20th century onwards and it can be found in an 1872 publication, but no older. It smacks of the music hall and it is curious that country singers have been happy to parody and mock their rustic accents and behaviour, but such songs do exist, such as “I bain’t half as soft as I looks” or “Down in the Fields where the Buttercups all grow”. Collected versions are confined to England.

Apart from Gwen Hannis’ version, it has also been noted in Gloucestershire from Mr Ballinger (Brockworth), Reg Hannis (Cranham), Ray Hartland (Tirley), Bob Hodge (Snowshill), Bill Cooper (Witcombe), Roy Norman (Ruardean) and Bob Townsend (Birdlip).


Notes by Gwilym Davies 28 March 2015