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Wassail Song (Randwick)

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Performer: Unknown
Place Collected: Randwick
Date collected: 1912
Roud Number: 209

In 1912 an article was published in Folklore journal regarding Cotswold Customs, written J. B. Partridge. In the article Partridge comments that 1912 wassailers still went round at Randwick. He acknowledges Miss Fennemore as the source of his information. Miss Fennemore’s family had been in Randwick for generations and she had a book published in 1893 entitled “A History of Randwick”. Partridge compares the lyrics for the Randwick wassail with the Minchinhampton variant, noting that Fennemore’s Randwick version provides an additional chorus, two extra verses and a finale, which are quoted here.

Source: Partridge J.B 1912, ‘Cotswold Place-Lore and Customs’, Folklore, vol. 23, No. 4 (Dec., 1912), pp. 443-457

Notes by R Dellow March 2021