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Wedgwood, Eliza

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Eliza was born in about 1860 in Dumbleton, where her father, Robert, was rector.  At Robert’s death in 1881, the family moved to Stanton.  Eliza took a keen interest in local folklore, along with her friend Eleanor (Sheila) Rathbone, and noted the Dumbleton Mummers play.  In 1907, when Grainger visited Gloucestershire, he stayed with Eliza and they collected several songs from local singers Mary Hawker, John Collett and William Newman.  Eliza visited Winchcombe workhouse to note songs and in 1908 when Grainger returned to Gloucestershire, they again visited the workhouse, noting many songs using the phonograph (wax cylinder recorder).  Grainger again visited the workhouse in 1909, noting further songs.

Notes by Gwilym Davies based on research by Paul Burgess.