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Hey Away (Bledington)

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Alternative title: Hey Diddle Dis

Source: Peck, A. (1932) Journal of English Folk Dance & Song Society, 1(1), p 71, Two Cotswold Morris Men.
Place Collected: Maugersbury
Date collected: 26.06.1929

Bledington Hey Away was collected by the Travelling Morris. AL Peck reported “This was learnt from Mr. Hathaway, at Stow Church Fete, held at Maugersbury Manor on June 26th, 1929, and was there danced later in the day. It is performed by the dancers in one file, and the music is played (as indicated in the notation above) in this order A twice; B once. And so on, repeating ad libit.” Roy Dommett quotes from the TM log: “On the 1929 tour Charles Taylor was met and George Hathaway who had been the number one of the young Bledington side.” It seems that G Hathaway was still leading the Bledington side in 1929.