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Barnard, Mrs.

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Gender: Female

Cecil Sharp visited Mrs Barnard in Mitcheldean on 6 September 1921 when she sang The Holy Day, The Little Room and The Outlandish Knight.

There were two Mrs Barnards living in Mitcheldean at the time of the 1911 Census who were probably still there in 1921.


The First Mrs Barnard – Mrs Alice Barnard


Mrs Alice Barnard was living at Dunstone, Mitcheldean in 1911. She was a charwoman and was living with her husband, Jesse (variously called Jessiah and Jessie). Alice was born Alice Marshall in 1864 in the Newent registration district. She was the daughter of James and Hannah Marshall, both from Linton, near Ross on Wye, Herefordshire. Her father, James, was baptised there on 3 December 1826, the son of Thomas and Hannah Marshall and by 1851 the family were living in Linton where James was working as a farm labourer. By 1861 Ann, now called Esther Ann was working as a gloveress, still living at home with her parents and a sister, Matlida, born in Berrow, Gloucestershire, about 1854 and a brother, William, born in Linton about 1959. James was still working as an agricultural labourer. About 1865 the family moved to Blackwell Meadows, Mitcheldean, where James worked as a shepherd. He was not at home at the time of the census but he and Hannah had two further children, Alice and Agnes, born about 1868 in Mitcheldean. Living with them also was an unmarried nurse. The family continued to live at Stenders Road, Blackwell Meadows, Mitcheldean where James was working as a shepherd, although he was again not at home at the time of the 1881 Census. By 1891 they had all moved to Silver Street, Abenhall (near Mitcheldean) when James was then working as a road labourer. Agnes had left home but Alice was still at home and living with them was a grandson, Lewis Marshall born in Micheldean.

Alice Marshall married Jesse Barnard, a labourer of The Morse, Drybrook, on 25 December 1901 at Drybrook .

By 1911 they were living at Living at Dunstone, Mitcheldean where Jesse was working as a self employed boot repairer and Alice was a charwoman. They had had no children. Jesse died in 1940 in the Gloucester rural registration district and Alice in 1942 in the Forest of Dean registration district.


The other Mrs Barnard – Mrs Jemima Barnard


Mrs Jemima Barnard was living in Stenders, Mitcheldean in 1911. She was the wife of James Barnard, a ‘stationary engine driver’ working for a brewer. Jemima was born Jemima Blewett in 1875 in Micheldean. She was the daughter of William Blewett who was born in Abinghall near Mitcheldean and Eliza Blewett from Mitcheldean. About 1875 the family moved from Abinghall to Mitcheldean and by 1881 the family were living in Merrin Street, Mitcheldean where William was working as a farm labourer. William and Eliza had six other children, Oliver born about 1868, Elizabeth born about 1871, Arthur born about 1873. Albert born about 1874, Frank born about 1875 and Rowland born about 1879. They were still living there in 1891 when William was working as a carrier. Jemima was working as a general servant and her brother Frank as a carpenter’s apprentice. They also had a 22 year old boarder, Annie Nicholls, living on her own means. By 1901 Jemima’s father, William, had died and Jemima had married James Barnard, a bricklayer’s labourer born in Drybrook. They were living in one of two dwellings at Rock House, Mitcheldean with Jemima’s mother, Eliza, and her brother, Arthur, who was a general haulier. By 1911 Jemima and James had their own house at Stenders, Mitcheldean where James was a ‘stationary engine driver’ working for a brewer. They had been married for 12 years and had no children. A Jemima Barnard died in East Glamorgan in 1965 aged 90.

The Knight(2) Family Tree on gives further information about Jemima Blewett’s ancestors. William and Eliza had a total of 13 children. William’s father was Thomas Bluett born 7 December 1800 in Newent.His wife was Mary and they had 11 children. Thomas Bluett’s father was Edward Bluett born 15 August 1742 in Longhope. His wife was Sarah and they had 8 children. The father of Edward Bluett was John Bluett born 21 March 1704 in Longhope. His wife was Mary Brown and they had 5 children. The father of John Bluett was Edward Blewett born 18 Jun 1669 in Longhope. His wife was Elizabeth Bullocke and they had 5 children.. The father of Edward Bluett was Christopher Blewett born1640 in Longhope and died 30 November 1683 in Longhope. His wife was Joane and they had 2 children.

Notes by Carol Davies May 2015.