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Barrett, Henry

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Gender: Male

Henry Barrett sang the Hearty Good Fellow, The Rigs of London Town and Three Milkmaids to Cecil Sharp on 9 April 1908 in Randwick.

Henry Barrett (1847-1922) came from a large long-established family in Randwick, Gloucestershire. Cecil Sharp visited him on 9th April 19080 and noted three songs.

Henry was born in 1847, into a large family with 6 other brothers and two sisters. As a young man he started work at his father’s trade, plasterer and tiler. In 1867 he married a local girl, Ellen Cratchley, following which the couple set up home in their native village and both went to work in the local woollen cloth factory.

Henry Barrett died in 1922 and his wife three years later.

Sharp visited him on 9th April 1908, in between collecting sessions at Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. He may well have met him in the nearby “Vine Tree” pub, where Henry’s brother had been innkeeper during the 1880s. However, he was not related to Henry J Bassett who was the licensee of the “Vine Tree” at the time of Sharp’s visit.


Title Roud number Sharp Words Sharp Tunes Comments
The Rigs of London Town 868 1473-4 1623
Three Milkmaids 290 1475-6 1624
The Hearty Good Fellow 393 1477-8 1625

Notes by Paul Burgess