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Corbett, Henry

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Gender: Male

Henry Corbett of Snowshill sang ‘The Irish Girl’, ‘The Cuckoo’, ‘Lord Bateman’ and ‘Toby’ on 9 April 1909 to Cecil Sharp and then on 13 August 1909 he sang him ‘The Derby Ram’, ‘King George’, ‘The Shannon Side’ and ‘Shepherds Are The Best Of Men’.

Henry’s father was James Corbett, then spelled Corbit, an agricultural labourer, born in Snowshill about 1813. In 1841 James and Anne Corbett née Chandler from Stanway were living in Snowshill with their children William and Sarah, both baptised in Snowshill: William on 8 January 1837 and Sarah.on 19 May 1839. Ann was aged 30 in 1841 and born in Stanway. Living next door to them was another agricultural labourer, William Corbit (Corbett) aged 55 and born in Guiting Power, presumably a relation and possibly the father of James. William had other children, Sally aged 20, William aged 16 and James aged 10 and possibly a grandson John aged 4 months.

James then married Ann Chandler in 1843 in the Winchcombe registration district. Henry Corbett was born in Snowshill and baptised there on 4 February 1849. In 1851 he was living in Snowshill with his parents, James and Ann, and two brothers, William, an agricultural labourer aged 14, and Charles baptised 29 January 1843 and his sister, Sarah aged 11. William Corbett was still living next door with his unmarried daughter, Sally, son William and his wife Fann(a)y and their daughter, Ann who was 8 years old.

By 1861 the family were still living in Snowshill where James was working as an agricultural labourer. The only two children still at home were Henry, then aged 10, and his brother, William, also an agricultural labourer. All the family were then in the 1861 Census to have been born in Snowshill.

By 1871 Henry aged 22 was the only child still living at home with his parents in Snowshill Street, Snowshill. William Corbett and his wife Fanny (see above) were also still in Snowshill Street with a daughter, Hannah aged 10 and a lodger.

Henry Corbett married Mary Ann Tombs between April and June 1876 in Winchcombe Registration district. By 1881 aged 31 he was living in a cottage in Snowshill Village next to the village shop with his wife Mary Ann, then aged 32, born in Stow in the Wold. He was working as an agricultural labourer. His parents were also still living in Snowshill. His father was still working as an agricultural labourer at the time of the census. Also living with James was James’ grandson, Henry Corbett a ploughboy aged 12 born in Snowshill, the son of Henry’s brother, Charles. But shortly afterwards Henry’s father, James Corbett, died aged 72 and was buried at Snowshill on 29 March 1881.His wife, Ann died and was buried in Snowshill on 26 January 1885.

In 1891 Henry and Mary Ann, aged 42 and 43 respectively, were still living in Snowshill Village. Henry was working as a labourer. In 1901 they were still in Snowshill with Henry aged 51 working as a farm labourer as he was again in 1911 at age 62. They never had any children. William Corbett’s wife, Fanny, had died but he was still living in Snowshill, aged 69 until he died in 1900.

Henry Corbett died in December 1925 in Winchcombe registration district. His nearest living descendents would be from the families of his brothers and sister.

Henry’s brothers and sister

Henry’s eldest brother, William was born about 1837. He married Leah Aston in 1867. In 1871 they were also living in Snowshill Street, Snowshill where William was working as an agricultural labourer. They had two sons: Charles H. born about 1861, who was working as a ploughboy, and James H. born about 1863. William died in 1877 in the Winchcombe registration district and by 1881 Leah was living in a cottage in Snowshill village and, a widow, she was living with her children, Charles, an oxman, Sarah A. born about 1869, Fanny born about 1872 and Ellen born about 1875, both scholars. She was still in Snowshill in 1891. At home with her were her son, Charles, an agricultural labourer and daughters, Elizabeth, Sarah Ann and Fanny. By 1901 Charles, a farm labourer, Fanny and Ellen, all single, were still at home with her in Snowshill together with grandchildren, Margery Elizabeth Corbett born about 1893 and Cecil George Corbett born 16 June1897. Cecil was born in Winchcombe but the rest of the family were all born in Snowshill. In 1911 Leah was still in Snowshill and living with her was her son Charles, a farm labourer, her daughter, Fanny and grandchildren Margery and Cecil, a farm labourer, and a great-granddaughter ,Dorothy E. Corbett born 4 February 1911. Dorothy married Frederick Blandford in 1936 in the Winchcombe registration district. She died in 1990 in Cheltenham.
Leah died later in 1911, in the Winchcombe registration district. Margery married Herbert J. L. Stone in Bristol in 1918 and died in Cheltenham in 1948. Herbert died in 1960 in Bristol. Cecil married Marion S. Gardiner in Cheltenham in 1928. Cecil also married May V. Walsh in Cheltenham in 1958 and died in Cheltenham in 1986.
Henry’s other brother, Charles, was born about 1843. He married Ann Diston who was born in Stanway, in 1868 and had at least 2 sons: Henry, born about 1869, who was married to either Annie Locke or Mary Trenfield in 1892, and Ernest who was born on 30 May 1875. Charles died in 1869 in the Winchcombe registration district. In 1880 his wife, Ann, then remarried to William Kench, an agricultural labourer, born in Bourton on the Water, already the father of at least 2 children, Thomas and William. In 1891 Ann and William were living in Ford village with William’s two sons: Thomas and William Kench and Ann’s sons, Henry and Ernest. Thomas, Henry and Ernest were all working as ploughboys. Ernest married Annie Locke in 1892 in the Winchcombe registration district
Henry’s sister, Sarah, was born in 1839 in the Winchcombe registration district. She married George Nash, who was born in Cutsdean on the Gloucestershire/Worcestershire border, in 1860 in the Winchcombe registration district. They moved to Cutsdean and by 1861 were living there with their son, Thomas, born there in 1861. By 1871 they had moved to Wood Stanway where George was working as an agricultural labourer and had three further sons: James, born about 1863, Charles born about 1866 and William, born about 1870. In 1881 Sarah and George, now described as a ‘thrashing machine man’ were living in a cottage next to the Baptist Chapel in Stanton village. Their sons, Thomas and James, both agricultural labourers, were living at home, as was their son, William, a scholar and a daughter Annie M. born about 1875. Sarah died in 1887 in the Winchcombe registration district.

Henry’s sister, Sarah’s children

Thomas Nash married Rose Alice Hunt in 1883 in Winchcombe registration district and in 1891 they were living in Stanton with their children, Eleanor Annie born 1884, Sidney Gerald and Bertha, all born in Stanton. Another probable son, James Nash, had been born in 1862 and another son, Charles Corbitt Nash, was born in 1865, both in the Winchcombe registration district where Thomas was working as a labourer. By 1911 Thomas and his wife, Rose Alice Nash, were still living in Stanton where Thomas was working as a labourer roadman. Thomas and Rose Alice had been married for 27 years and had 10 children, all living. All the family except Thomas were born in Stanton. Still living with them were their sons, Edgar, Fordham, George and Victor and their grandson, John Nash, born about 1910. In 1911 Thomas Nash’s son, Charles Corbett Nash was living at the Estate office in Toddington working as a foreman on a fruit farm. He had married Ellen Hannah Hunt in about 1895 and his wife was working as a caretaker on the estate. Charles died on 15 November 1940 whilst living at Bath Road, Stanton and probate was granted to his widow, Ellen Hannah, who died in 1942 in Cheltenham. Sarah’s son, William, married Julia Barnett about 1903 and by 1911 William was working as a gardener and living in the Post Office in Stanton where his wife was postmistress.

Also living with them were their two children, Julia Ruby May born 1903 and Llewellyn George W. Nash born in 1906, Julia’s brother, Ezra Barnett, a farmer and haulier and Julia’s mother, Ellen Barnett. William died in 1949 in Cheltenham.

William Nash resized

William Nash


Julia Ruby MayNash - Henry Corbett resized

Julia Ruby May Nash


Julia Ruby May Nash married Ernest James Prole in the Winchcombe registration district in 1928.

Ernest James Prole - Henry Corbett resized

Ernest James Prole

They had a daughter, Olive Prole who later married a Mr Britton and died in 1911 in Cheltenham

Olive Prole - Henry Corbett

Olive Prole.

Julia Ruby May died in Cheltenham in 1989.

Llewellyn George W Nash

Llewellyn George W. Nash

Llewellyn George W. Nash married Myra B. Wright in 1937 in the North Cotswold registration district, Gloucestershire. They were living at 108 London Road Cheltenham in 1939 and Llewellyn died in 1939 in Cheltenham.

Sarah’s son Thomas’s children

Eleanor Annie Nash was born in Stanton in 1884. She had a son, Robert Nash, in Winchcombe in 1906. On 2 March 1908 she married Henry Rastall in the Parish Church in Broadway and they had a son, George Henry, in 1912 in Broadway. In 1911 they were living on The Green, Broadway where Henry was working as a grocer’s porter. Henry was working as a labourer when he enlisted into the Devonshire Regiment Labour Corps on 8 September 1916 and he served in France in 1916. In 1927 they had twins, Percy and Ronald in the Evesham registration district. Percy married Louisa H. Johnson in 1949 in the Evesham registration district and according to family trees on they had two sons and four daughters. Percy died in 2000 in the Evesham registration district. Percy’s twin, Ronald married Joan M. Cole earlier in 1949 also in the Evesham registration district. According to family trees on they had two daughters. Eleanor died in the Evesham registration district in 1940.

Sidney Gerald Nash was born on 17 May 1886. When his brother Victor died in 1951 probate was granted to Gerald who was described as an estate manager.

Bertha Nash was born in 1888.

Edith Nash was born in 1891.

Agnes Nash was born in 1894 and married Reginald C. Reeves in 1919.

Edgar Nash was born in 1898 and married Alice Bevan in the Winchcombe registration district at the end of 1924 and died in Cheltenham in 1958. He was possibly the Edgar Nash who served in the 12th and 13th Battalion of the Gloucestershire Regiment from 1914 to 1920.

Fordham Nash was born in 1900 and married Mary P. Gould (also known as Phyllis May) in the Evesham registration district in 1928 and died in Cheltenham in 1975. Fordham had at least one daughter, Joan Mary, born 10 March 1929. She married James Maurice Reeve and they had at least one son, Andrew Reeve, born in Cheltenham in early 1956. Joan Mary Reeve died in Worthing in 2005, her husband having died in Bideford, Devon in 1981.

George Nash was born in 1903.

Victor Nash was born in 1906 in the Winchcombe registration district. He was living at the pub, The Mount, at Stanton when he died on 7 April 1951. Probate was granted to his brother, Gerald Nash.

Notes by Carol Davies February 2015 with thanks to the following family trees on Wilson Family Tree, Andrew Reeve family tree, Rastall, Frank Family Tree, Tracey Gamble family tree , Saunders Family Tree.