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Reeder, Lucy

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Gender: Female

Gwilym Davies, in the company of Audrey Smith, visited Lucy Reeder, who was originally from Randwick, in Stroud on 24 May 1996 when she was 96 years old. Lucy Reeder sang Granny’s Old Armchair, A Group Of Young Laddies, He was Only Eight Years Old, Little Shirt My Mother Made For Me, The Mistletoe Bough, The Only Bit of England, Pull For The Shore Sailor and Two Little Kittens, plus various Sunday School songs. Lucy stated that her father used to go wassailing.

Lucy Reeder was born Lucy Ellen Lugg in Randwick in 1900, the daughter of William Lugg, an agricultural labourer born in Broomfield, Wiltshire, and his wife, Alice Hannah Holder, who was from Randwick. The Lugg family were living in Gloucester in the middle of the 18th century and then Thomas Lugg moved to Wiltshire and was living there by the end of the 18th Century in 1797. His son, Charles Bristow Lugg was born in Littleton Drew, Wiltshire and in 1864 married Caroline Denly in Cricklade. His son, William Lugg, Lucy’s father, was born in 1868 in Yatton Keynell, Wiltshire and in 1871 was living with his grandfather at 11 Village, Littleton Drews, Wiltshire. In1881 William Lugg was living with his parents in Sodbury Road, Nettleton near Chippenham. About 1885 the family moved to Gloucestershire. By 1891 William’s father, Charles Lugg, was living in Haunted Row, Randwick and working as an agricultural labourer. William Lugg married Alice Hannah Holder from Randwick in 1890 in the Stroud registration district which included Randwick and by 1891 they were living at Church Street Randwick where William was working as an agricultural labourer with six children all born in Randwick, Nora born about 1893, William born 1894, Harold born 1895, Winifred born about 1897, Walter Charles born 1898 and the youngest was Lucy born in 1900. By 1911 the family were still living in Church Street, Randwick, and William and Alice had three more children, Percy Samuel born 1902, Joseph Hopton born 1904 and Alice born about 1909. All the children were born in Randwick. William and Alice had been married for 20 years and had 10 children of whom 9 were still alive and one had died. William was working as a stone quarryman delver and four of his children were working for a clothing manufacturer, Nora and Winnie as tailor’s machinists and William and Harold as tailor’s pressers. Lucy was still at school. Lucy went to Sunday school and had a certificate to go to school in Lansdown, Stroud, but her family were too poor to send her there. She used to go to Oxlynch to see the sheepdip.

Lucy Lugg married Joseph C. Alder in 1919 in the Stroud registration district. Lucy and Joseph had three children, Marguerite Alice M. Alder born on 20 May 1922, Trevor R Alder born in 1929 and another daughter. Joseph died on 29 May 1943 when living at Ocker Hill, Randwick.

Lucy married again at the end of 1949 to James Allaway in Gloucester but he died two years later in 1951. They had been living on his army pension.

Lucy married for a third time to Herbert T C Reeder in the Stroud registration district at the end of 1954 and probably died in 2004, aged 104.

Lucy worked at Cainscross Cooperative store and in her later life she went to a Pentecostal Church.

Lucy’s children

Lucy’s daughter, Marguerite Alice M. Alder, married Vincent J Clissold in the Stroud registration district in 1945 and she died in 1999 in Gloucester.

Lucy’s son, Trevor R Alder, married Mollie J Edgeworth in 1950 in the Stroud registration district, had one daughter according to a family tree on and was living in Stroud in 1996.

Notes by Carol Davies June 2015