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Alternative title: Old Trunkles

Source: C. Sharp ms no. 2488 in Vaughan Williams Memorial Library; R. Kenworthy Schofield, Journal English Folk Dance Society 3 51-57 (1930)
Place Collected: Longborough
Date collected: 13 May 1910; unknown

Henry “Harry” Taylor was 68 in 1910. He had led the Longborough morris. The last time that Taylor danced with a side was at the Jubilee of 1887. Cecil Sharp noted his dances with the tunes, which Taylor sang to him; he is said to have never learnt an instrument, though Kenworthy Schofield implies that he was a fiddler.

Sharp was sometimes assisted by George Joynes (ca 1888-1964), a local fiddler who read music and sometimes played the tunes while Taylor demonstrated the steps. Joynes noted six more of Taylor’s tunes from his son, a fiddler, also called Henry, as part of his collection of morris tunes, which he made available to the Travelling Morris. It was stolen before WW2. The tunes noted by Kenworthy Schofield were obtained from Joynes.

Tunes noted by George Joynes from Harry Taylor jr.
1. Banks of the Dee
2. The Old Woman Tossed up in a Blanket (also noted by Sharp)
3. Constant Billy (also noted by Sharp)
4. Jockie to the Fair
5. Old Trunkles (also noted by Sharp)
6. Cuckoo’s Nest

Reference: R. Kenworthy Schofield Journal English Folk Dance Society 3 51-57 (1930)

notes by Charles Menteith

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