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‘Twas of a Young Farmer

(Old) Trunko (Tune from John Mason)

1st Figure. Set of Quadrilles (Tune no 15 from George Till manuscript)

2nd (Figure. Set of Quadrilles) (Tune no 16 from George Till manuscript)

2nd Figure (Bonnie Dundee Quadrille) (Tune no 27 from George Till manuscript)

3rd Figure (Bonnie Dundee Quadrille) (Tune no 28 from George Till manuscript)

3rd Figure (Set of Quadrilles) (Tune no 17 from George Till manuscript)

3rd Figure of the Lancers (Tune no 36 from George Till manuscript)

40th Regiment Quickstep (Tune from Stanton manuscript)

4th Figure. (Set of Quadrilles) Irish Washerwoman (Tune no 18 from George Till manuscript)

7 Quickstep The (Tune from Aston-on-Carrant manuscript)

A Young Farmer’s Son the Deed has Done

A-Nutting we will Go

A-Nutting we will Go (Tune from Beatrice Hill)

Abroad for Pleasure

Adieu my Lovely Nancy

Admiral Benbow (Tune from Stanton manuscript)

Admiral Macbride’s Fancy (Tune no 37 from Snowshill Manor manuscript)

Air by Dr Mantua (Tune no 82 from Snowshill Manor manuscript)

Aire by Weideman (Tune no 67 from Snowshill Manor manuscript)

All Brought up on Cider

All Fours

All Hail and Praise

All Jolly Fellows As Follows the Plough

All Through the Drunk

American Stranger, The (Bunting)

American Stranger, The (Shepherd)

Angel Gabriel, The

Angloise (Tune from Stanton manuscript)

Annie Lee

Anywhere does for me

Ap Shenkin (Tune no 32 from Snowshill Manor manuscript)

Are we to Part like this, Bill?

Arise ye sleepy souls, arise

Around the Grove as I was Walking

Arthur O’Bradley O (Grubb)

Arthur O’Bradley O (Newman)

Arthur O’Bradley O (Unknown)

As I sat on a Sunny Bank

As Jockey on a Summer’s Morn

As Joseph was a-Walking

Ashley’s Hornpipe (Tune from Stanton manuscript)

Ask Mamma Polka (Tune no 31 from George Till manuscript)

Astley’s Hornpipe (Tunes from Chris Beaumont manuscript)

Away With Melancholy (Tune no 53 from Snowshill Manor manuscript)

Baddenham Umberello, The

Baffled Knight, The (Bishop)

Baffled Knight, The (Richards)

Baker’s Oven, The

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