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The Fat Buck

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Alternative title: Thorneymoor Woods

Place Collected: Drybrook
Date collected: 1921 (9 Sep)
Collector: Sharp, Cecil
Roud Number: 222

This song is usually known by the title “Thorneymoor Woods”, and interestingly all the versions found in Gloucestershire are from gypsy singers. Gypsy singers also account for a number of the versions found outside Gloucestershire. Apart from Mrs Williams’ and Mr Brazil’s version, it was also known to Wiggy Smith, although not in complete form. The earliest that the song can be dated is about 1800 and it appeared on many 19th century broadsides. Almost all the collected versions are from England. The exact location of the incident is not known, but it could be Thorney Wood Chase, near Nottingham.

Notes by Gwilym Davies 25 March 2015