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Hayward, Lem

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Gender: Male

Gwilym Davies originally recorded Lem Hayward in January 1977 in a pub in Arlingham when Lem sang him The Waysailing Bowl. Gwilym and Mike Yates subsequently rerecorded Lem at his home in Arlingham.

Lemuel Ewart Hayward was born in 1902 in the registration district of Wheatenhurst (Whitminster near Arlingham) Gloucestershire. His father was a bootmaker. At the given age of 29 Lem married Elizabeth Cave Ayland aged 33 on 30th December 1931 in Arlingham.

He had at least two daughters: Christine Elizabeth and Belinda Nancy. Christine Elizabeth was born 24 June 1935 and baptised 5 May 1948 (sic). Christine Elizabeth was married on 4 May 1955 at the age of 19 when she was on ‘home duties’ to Geoffrey Thomas Gardner aged 21, a motor mechanic of Glebe Cottages, Framilode. At that time Lem was described as a farm labourer. On 21 September 1963 Belinda Nancy, a clerk of Overton Lane, Arlingham, was married to Frederick Henry Leach aged 33 a manager, general stores, of Friday Street Arlingham. Lem was again stated to be a farm labourer at this time.

Lem’s wife, Elizabeth, was buried in Arlingham on 22 February1954 and Lem died aged 88 in Gloucester in December 1991 when his date of birth was given as 18 November 1903.

Notes by Carol Davies November 2011