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GlosTrad Folk Radio Podcast No.7 – Concert Selection

Gloucestershire Morris Men kick off this edition that brings together concert recordings from around the county. They provide a wonderful sense of the breadth of material in the GlosTrad archive and also different approaches to their performance.

Delfrin – John Barleycorn

Nonny Tabbush – Here’s Adieu

Rob & Gillian Guest – Mayhill Greensleeves

Shepherds Crook – Sheep Shearing Day

PuzzleJug – Dives and Lazarus

Jeff & Elaine Gillet – Shepherd with his Pipe and Reed

Rob Harbron, Miranda Rutter & Sam Sweeney – The Ship That Never Returned/The Honeymoon

Emily Portman with Harbron, Rutter & Sweeney – The Oakham Poachers


Produced and presented by Stephen Rowley