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Ladies of Pleasure

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Alternative title: (Ladies' Pleasure)

Source: George Butterworth's notes at VWML
Place Collected: Bledington
Date collected: 1912

Charles Benfield was the main informant for the Bledington tunes, most of which were noted by Cecil Sharp at Benfield’s house at Bould (Oxon), a hamlet about a mile from Bledington (Glos). William and Nancy was also collected by George Butterworth, who is our only source for Trunkles and Ladies of Pleasure.
CJ Sharp wrote, 2 September 1909
“Ch. Benfield was fiddler to the Bledington Morris till it lapsed about 15-20 years ago. He afterwards taught some younger men but could not induce them to continue. He is an agricultural labourer and a keen morris dancer. His fiddle was bridge-less and bow-less so he half hummed and half whistled this & following 2 tunes.”

Ladies of Pleasure is the tune for the morris jig from Bledington, now usually known as Ladies’ Pleasure.