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Davies, Gwilym

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Gwilym Davies (b 1946) was born in Hampshire with a Welsh father.  He became interested in collecting songs whilst living in Hampshire and continued his researches, along with his wife Carol, in Gloucestershire from the 1970s onwards.  He has continued to amass a large collection of recordings from Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Devon, the USA and elsewhere and has deposited some of his collection with the British Library Sound Archive and the Library of Congress in Washington DC.  He remains an active singer and musician and is a member of the folk groups Puzzlejug and Davies-Brenchley-Davies, who have several recordings to their credit.

Gwilym and Carol have made a special study of songs from Hampshire, and have a publication “A Hampshire Collection” consisting of songs and tunes they have collected in that county.

Gwilym has a website:

Songs Collected: